Rules No Divas Both WWE and TNA Superstars…


No Divas

Both WWE and TNA Superstars can be included.

You may not draft a whole tag team (i.e Hart Dynasty) You can only draft one superstar.

Superstars not drafted will become free agents, they will be available to pick up by personal messaging me the person you want to add, and the person you want to drop. Each division will have the full complement of WWE and TNA Superstars.

Trades must be personal messaged to either Ben Gartland or Ryan Frye and we will execute the trade, the trade will take place on the next Monday before Raw.

Each week, you decide on fifteen superstars to play, while the other ten will not be included into your cumilitive point total.

There will be four divisions and three people per division. Everybody will have 25 Superstars, and the winners will have a four-person tournament at the end of the league year.

You win your division by collecting the most monthly wins (whoever has the most points at the end of a given month.) In the result of a tie, the most total points will be declared the winner.)

The end of the league year is at the Royal Rumble. Then, we will have two one-on-one contests in the month of February, with the person with the most points advancing.

Lastly, the last matchup will be from after the Elimination Chamber until WrestleMania. The person with the most points will win the league.

Points System:

Match Win: 3 points

Title Win: 5 points

Successful title defense: 5 points

Tag Team Win: 3 points

Pay-Per-View Win: 4 Points

Contenders Match Win: 4 Points

Handicap Match Victory (Only the outnumbered superstar(s)): 7 points

Special Match Win (i.e Ladder match, Steel cage match, multi-person match): 7 points

Main Event Win (will be added to match win points): 3 points

Beat Champion (Non-Title Match): 1 point added to match win.

Submission Win: 1 Point added to Match win

Count Out Win: 2 Points (You only receive two points, and this will not be added to the usual three points of winning a match)

DQ Win: 1 point (You only receive one point, and this will not be added to the usual three points of winning a match)

The person in first place will be crowned the EGW Fantasy League Champion.

Remember: first come, first serve! Make sure to secure you spot!<a